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Spring Cloud Tencent

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Spring Cloud Tencent is an one-stop microservice solution which implements the standard Spring Cloud SPI. It integrates Spring Cloud with Tencent middlewares and makes it easy to develop microservice.

Service discovery and governance

Spring Cloud Tencent integrates Spring Cloud with Polaris which is an open source system for service discovery and governance.

Spring Cloud with Polaris can solve these problem:

  • service management: service discovery, service registry and health check
  • traffic control: customizable routing, load balance, rate limiting and access control
  • fault tolerance: circuit breaker for service, interface and instance
  • config management: config version control, grayscale release and dynamic update

How to build

Run these commands to build this project as follow.

Linux and Mac

./mvnw clean package


.\mvnw.cmd clean package

How to use

All the components of Spring Cloud Tencent have been uploaded to the Maven central repository, just need to introduce dependencies.


Support Spring Cloud 2023.0, 2022.0, 2021.0, 2020.0, Hoxton.

The version list of Spring Cloud Tencent can be found in Spring Cloud Tencent Version Management .

For example:

<!-- add spring-cloud-tencent bom  -->
<!-- add spring-cloud-starter-tencent-polaris-discovery dependency  -->


The experience environment of Polaris is provided for developers:

The address of Polaris server in spring-cloud-tencent-example is grpc:// by default.

Chat Group

Please scan the QR code to add WeChat, and send "Spring Cloud Tencent" to apply for joining the group.

Stargazers over time

If you are interested in Spring Cloud Tencent, please follow our project, thank you very much.

Stargazers over time

Spring Cloud Tencent is a Spring Cloud based Service Governance Framework provided by Tencent.
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