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Apache Dolphinscheduler

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Apache DolphinScheduler is the modern data orchestration platform. Agile to create high performance workflow with low-code. It is also provided powerful user interface, dedicated to solving complex task dependencies in the data pipeline and providing various types of jobs available out of the box

The key features for DolphinScheduler are as follows:

  • Easy to deploy, provide four ways to deploy which including Standalone, Cluster, Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Easy to use, workflow can be created and managed by four ways, which including Web UI, Python SDK, Yaml file and Open API
  • Highly reliable and high availability, decentralized architecture with multi-master and multi-worker, native supports horizontal scaling.
  • High performance, its performance is N times faster than other orchestration platform and it can support tens of millions of tasks per day
  • Cloud Native, DolphinScheduler supports orchestrating multi-cloud/data center workflow, and supports custom task type
  • Versioning both workflow and workflow instance(including tasks)
  • Various state control of workflow and task, support pause/stop/recover them in any time
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Others like backfill support(Web UI native), permission control including project, resource and data source


User Interface Screenshots

  • Homepage: Project and workflow overview, including the latest workflow instance and task instance status statistics. home

  • Workflow Definition: Create and manage workflow by drag and drop, easy to build and maintain complex workflow, support bulk of tasks out of box. workflow-definition

  • Workflow Tree View: Abstract tree structure could clearer understanding of the relationship between tasks workflow-tree

  • Data source: Manage support multiple external data sources, provide unified data access capabilities for such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hive, Trino, etc. data-source

  • Monitor: View the status of the master, worker and database in real time, including server resource usage and load, do quick health check without logging in to the server. monitor

Suggestions & Bug Reports

Follow this guide to report your suggestions or bugs.


The community welcomes everyone to contribute, please refer to this page to find out more: How to contribute, find the good first issue in here if you are new to DolphinScheduler.


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Apache DolphinScheduler is the modern data orchestration platform. Agile to create high performance workflow with low-code
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