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= The Ehcache 3.x line is currently the development line.

Status of the build: [link=""] image::[Build Status]

For more information, you might want to go check the[wiki].

== Getting started with the Ehcache 3.x API

For samples, documentation, and usage information, please see

== Current release

We released 3.9.0 on August 25th 2020.

The[release notes] contain the links to the artifacts and the documentation to help you get started.

You should consider upgrading to 3.9.x as it does all previous 3.x do and more with a fully compatible API.

== Current development & next release

We released the missing features of the clustering tier of Ehcache 3 in 3.7.0.

Starting with version 3.5, Ehcache only supports Java 8 and later.

Version 3.5 is now in maintenance mode. We are no longer planning to perform release of earlier versions.

See the[milestones on GitHub] for more details on the current status.

== Contribute

With great pleasure! Have a look at our link:CONTRIBUTING.adoc[Contributing policy].

== Reporting issues

Oh no! We have no bugs! (but if we really do, see details for reporting link:CONTRIBUTING.adoc#reporting-issues[here]).

Ehcache 3.x line
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