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  • Drop go 1.16 support & update to fasthttp 1.45.0 (#2374)

Due to the fact that fasthttp, which fiber is based on in release 1.45.0, does not support go version 1.16 anymore, we had to remove it from our package as well.

🚀 New

  • Allow preloaded certs with prefork (#2351)
  • Add queryBool parser (#2329)
  • Add queryFloat parser (#2328)
  • Middleware/session: SessionOnly when cookie.Expires is 0 (#2152)
  • Middleware/proxy: Add DoRedirects, DoTimeout and DoDeadline to Proxy middleware (#2332)

🧹 Updates

  • Get mime fallback (#2340)
  • Middleware/requestid: don't call "Generator" func on existing request ID header (#2371)
  • Middleware/basicauth: Optimize Basic auth alloc (#2333)

🐛 Fixes

  • Middleware/requestid: Config.ContextKey is interface{} (#2369)
  • Middleware/cors: Fix cors * behavior #2338 (#2339)

📚 Documentation

  • Use proper discord invitation link (#2382)
  • Corrected coding typos in MountPath docs section (#2379)
  • Fix typo in docs (#2357)
  • Fix(docs): add missing comma (#2353)
  • Fix all inaccessible links in docs (#2349)
  • Automated synchronization with gofiber/docs (#2344)

Full Changelog:

Thank you @CaioAugustoo, @HHongSeungWoo, @IwateKyle, @Rorke76753, @Skyenought, @UtopiaGitHub, @benjajaja, @derkan, @dozheiny, @efectn, @gaby, @leonklingele, @lublak, @msaf1980, @ryand67 and @yvestumushimire for making this update possible.

7 days ago

The v2.3.2 release accidentally compiles mobile source code during building desktop apps. This release resolves that to avoid the possible compile time breakage for some operating systems.


  • Linux, Windows and BSD builds could fail if gles was missing
10 days ago

Behavior Changes

  • xds: remove support for xDS v2 transport API (#6013)

New Features

  • server: expose SetSendCompressor API to set send compressor name (#5744)
    • Special Thanks: @jronak
  • xdsclient: include Node proto only in the first discovery request message, to improve performance (#6078)

Bug Fixes

  • metadata: fix validation logic and properly validate metadata appended via AppendToOutgoingContext (#6001)
    • Special Thanks: @ktalg
  • transport: do not close connections when we encounter I/O errors until after all data is consumed (#6110)
  • ringhash: ensure addresses are consistently hashed across updates (#6066)
  • xds/clusterimpl: fix a bug causing unnecessary closing and re-opening of LRS streams (#6112)
  • xds: NACK route configuration if sum of weights of weighted clusters exceeds uint32_max (#6085)


  • resolver: update Resolver.Scheme() docstring to mention requirement of lowercase scheme names (#6014)
  • resolver: document expected error handling of UpdateState errors (#6002)
    • Special Thanks: @fho
  • examples: add example for ORCA load reporting (#6114)
  • examples: add an example to illustrate authorization (authz) support (#5920)
    • Special Thanks: @KenxinKun
11 days ago

Lot of refactoring and improved reliability and retry logic of client calls

What's Changed

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Lot of refactoring and improved reliability and retry logic of client calls

What's Changed

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11 days ago

This release marks a great step forward for the Fyne toolkit - completing the work for Apple M2 issues and adding optimisations, and various many additional bug fixes.


  • Fyne does not run perfectly on ARM-based MacOS platforms (#3639)
  • Panic on closing window in form submit on Мac M2 (#3397)
  • Wobbling slider effect for very small steps (#3648)
  • Fix memory leak in test canvas refresh
  • Optimise text texture memory by switching to single channel
  • Packaging an android fyne app that uses tags can fail (#3641)
  • NewAdaptiveGrid(0) blanks app window on start until first resize on Windows (#3669)
  • Unnecessary refresh when sliding Split container
  • Linux window resize refreshes all content
  • Themed and unthemed svg resources can cache collide
  • When packaging an ampersand in "Name" causes an error (#3195)
  • Svg in ThemedResource without viewBox does not match theme (#3714)
  • Missing menu icons in Windows system tray
  • Systray Menu Separators don't respect the submenu placement (#3642)
  • List row focus indicator disappears on scrolling (#3699)
  • List row focus not reset when row widget is reused to display a new item (#3700)
  • Avoid panic if accidental 5th nil is passed to Border container
  • Mobile simulator not compiling on Apple M1/2
  • Cropped letters in certain cases with the new v2.3.0 theme (#3500)


  • Support single clicks on items with --wails-draggable: drag again on Windows. Changed by @stffabi in PR


  • Fixed panic when using wails dev and the AssetServer tried to log to the logger. Fixed by @stffabi in PR
  • Fixed compatibility with WebView2 Runtime > 110.0.1587.69 which showed a connection refused html page before doing a reload of the frontend. Fixed by @stffabi in PR

What is new?

  • Added eth_addr_checksum validation.
  • Added eg_ignore_case and ne_ignore_case
  • Added http_url validation for http(s) URL's
  • Added cron validation.
  • Added unique validation ability to validate struct fields.
  • Added base64rawurl validation for base64 url without = padding
  • Added mongodb objectID validation
  • Added filepath validation.
  • Added dirpath validation.
  • Added luhn_checksum validation.
  • Added cve validation.
  • Added kosovo to country codes.
  • Added Latvian translations.
  • Added multiple missing language translations.

What was fixed?

  • Fixed multiple documentation grammar issues.
  • Updated all dependencies to address any lingering CVE issues be reported by tools, even if not able to exploit through this package.
  • Fixed excluded_unless validation.
  • Fix unique validation for map with Pointer values.
  • Fixed unique validation for struct field when itis a nil pointer.
  • Fixed multiple language validation.
  • Fixed notblank validation to cover all whitespace characters

What was changed?

  • Tweaked eth_addr validation while adding eth_addr_checksum.
  • Updated Struct Level validation example for enum+ example.
  • Removed unnecessary cast allowing mocking of ValidationErrors