The last release for the 22.3

1 days ago

Release Notes

👫 Contributions

Special thanks to the following individuals for their excellent contributions:

  • @mmoayyed
  • @fmartelli

To learn how to contribute to the project, please see this guide.

Image: milvusdb/weekly-build:master-20230330-1287ca69

Bug fixes

  • Fix facet normalization (#3621) @ManyTheFish
  • Update mini-dashboard to version v0.2.7 to fix some issue in the local web interface (#3623) @bidoubiwa
3 days ago

For new features, improvements, and bug fixes released in 7.0.0 for tidb-server, see TiDB 7.0.0 release notes.

Bug fix

  • Ensure the task queue is correctly imported (#3597) @irevoire

Usage change

  • Update the geoBoundingBox feature: change the parameters as described here (#3617) @irevoire