2016-02-01 00:44:31

What's new?

  • Support for ECC authorization and issuance keys
  • Account Key Roll-over (however Let's Encrypt does not yet seem to support it)

Migration Guide

Sadly, I could not avoid a few API changes:

  • Account and Registration classes have been merged, to simplify the API. Just use Registration instead of Account, and remove emerging duplicate parameters from AcmeClient calls.
  • Version numbers have been added to the Challenge classes. Use Http01Challenge instead of HttpChallenge, and so on...
2016-01-29 22:49:25

This is a bugfix release:

2016-01-10 00:28:53

The most noteworthy change is that dates are now returned as Date instead of String. There is also a new AcmeRateLimitExceededException that is thrown when the server's rate limit was exceeded.

2015-12-25 21:51:27

This is the first beta release.

2015-12-23 21:34:55

Second release of Activiti 6.

2015-11-08 22:18:07
  • Selecting camera manually works for front cameras again
  • Focus now works after light is enabled again
2015-11-05 21:23:00
  • We introduced a new service DynamicBpmnService that allows you to change a defined set of properties of a process definition without needing to redeploy
  • Improved support for the terminate end event. According to the BPMN spec a terminate end event should only terminate the current scope. So in case of a multi instance sub process, a terminate end event inside that multi instance sub process should only kill a single instance and the rest of the instances (of the multi instance) will continue. And in case a call activity kicks off a sub process, a terminate end event in the sub process will only kill the sub process instance, and the parent process will continue. We've added a new attribute on the terminate end event (activiti:terminateAll) that allows you to terminate all parent scopes if the value is set to true. By default only the current scope is killed.
  • ACT-4072 was fixed, a repeating timer (time cycle) now works according to the defined duration values
  • Various bug fixes
2015-10-27 18:57:38
  • Fix for rotated images on some devices
  • Fix for some problems with beep sounds
  • Bug fixes
2015-09-02 18:47:41

A first beta release of Activiti 6

2015-08-29 03:33:17

Added Class type in ObjectMapper interface Updated formatting Added formatting file