2015-07-31 17:14:33
  • We introduced bulk inserts. For more information you can read more about it in this blog post
  • We enhanced the OR query support, it's now possible to use multiple OR parts in one query
  • Improvements to the async executor we introduced in Activiti 5.17.0. There were some cases that could result in deadlock exceptions and that's resolved in this version.
  • Improvements to the Activiti Modeler with terminate end events, cancel event and transaction support, and more intermediate catch and throw event support. Also, improvements to interrupting and non-interrupting solid and dashed line for boundary events.
  • Upgraded Spring dependency version to 4.1. Activiti is still working with Spring 4.0.x and 3.x as well.
  • Various bug fixes

More information can be found in the Release notes

2015-07-09 02:27:13

File upload support using InputStream Support for asObject response type (serializing). Case-insensitive lookup in Headers.getFirst(key) Sorted fields as part of the POST request Typo fix

2015-05-24 07:15:47

Includes two main changes:

  • Ognl has been upgraded to 3.0.11 that is the latest version
  • The default proxy tool is now Javassist and is included inside the mybatis jar

There are some other minor changes and bug fixes. See the details at

Note that you can still use CGLIB as the proxy factory tool by adding CGLIB to your classpath and setting the MyBatis global parameter as follows:

    <setting name="proxyFactory" value="CGLIB"/>
2015-04-29 04:18:44

Guice 4.0 final release. See the release notes for details.

2015-02-15 20:48:15
  • Several bug fixes, especially for Data Matrix and PDF417 parsing
  • Barcode Scanner can now disable history
2015-02-15 20:48:12
  • Several bug fixes, especially for Data Matrix and PDF417 parsing
  • Retired jruby binding
  • Barcode Scanner can now disable history

2014-12-18 17:46:55
  • We introduced a fully tested and brand new Async executor, which supersedes the old Job executor. The new Async executor uses less database queries to execute asynchronous jobs and is more performant in general. By default the Activiti Engine still uses the old Job executor, so you have to explicitly choose for the new Async executor by setting the asyncExecutorEnabled property in the process engine configuration. For more details you can look at the advanced section of the user guide.
  • The Activiti Modeler is fully revised and is implemented using Angular JS. This is donated from the Alfresco Activiti BPMN editor that's part of the Alfresco Activiti Enterprise offering. The new Angular JS Activiti Modeler is LGPL licensed. Note that some dialogs are not yet ported to the new Activiti Modeler, but you'll also find quite a bit of new functionality, including Mule and Camel tasks and being able to define a sequence flow order for an exclusive gateway. Any help with adding new features is really appreciated.
  • The user guide has been revamped with a rewrite to AsciiDoc
  • It's now possible to start a process instance a skip tasks based on a skipExpression. This is very handy when you are migrating process instances to the Activiti Engine (thanks to Robert Hafner for the pull request).
  • We added a new module named activiti-jmx to the Activiti project, which enables JMX for the Activiti Engine. Read Saeids blog for more details (thanks Saeid).
  • Variable fetching has been optimized for process instances and executions in general.
  • The database upgrade scripts use a different minor version than the JAR version. With the 5.17.0 release, the database version is This versioning enables us to release snapshots and still be able to upgrade from a snapshot release to a stable release. For a 5.17.1 release the database version will be 5.17.1.x where x can be any number. So only the last minor version number can differ from the Activiti Engine release version.

More information can be found in the Release notes

2014-10-16 16:23:41

This release contains a new REST framework implementation using Spring MVC instead of Restlet. The REST urls haven't changed, so all REST clients should still be working. We did however remove the deprecated legacy REST urls.

In addition, we also added a new lock free job executor, which should improve the number of jobs that can be executed per second with a magnitude of 100. You can look for more details at this wiki page . Note that the implementation of this new job executor is not yet complete and it's lacking exclusive job support and being aware of suspended process instances.

2014-10-11 00:44:36

See the details at

Yet another bug fix release. Provides 8 minor bug fixes.