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A port of Apache's PdfBox library to be usable on Android. Most features should be implemented by now. Feature requests can be added to the issue tracker. Stable releases can be added as a Gradle dependency from Maven Central.

The main code of this project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License, found at


Add the following to dependency to build.gradle:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.tom-roush:pdfbox-android:'

Before calls to PDFBox are made it is required to initialize the library's resource loader. Add the following line before calling PDFBox methods:


An example app is located in the sample directory and includes examples of common tasks.

Optional Dependencies

PdfBox-Android can optionally make use of additional features provided by third-party libraries. These libraries are not included by default to reduce the size of the PdfBox-Android. See the dependencies section in thebuild.gradle of the Sample project for examples of including the optional dependencies.

Reading JPX Images

Android does not come with native support for handling JPX images. These images can be read using the JP2Android library. As JPX is not a common image format, this library is not included with PdfBox-Android by default. If the JP2Android library is not on the classpath of your application, JPX images will be ignored and a warning will be logged.

To include the JP2Android library, add the following to your project's Gradle dependencies section. Note that this library is available in JCenter only, so you will need to add jcenter() to your repository list.

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.gemalto.jp2:jp2-android:1.0.3'

Important notes

  • Currently based on PDFBox v2.0.27

  • Requires API 19 or greater for full functionality


The Apache PdfBox project ported to work on Android

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