ClickHouse — open source distributed column-oriented DBMS

ClickHouse® is an open-source column-oriented database management system that allows generating analytical data reports in real-time.

How To Install (Linux, macOS, FreeBSD)

curl | sh

Useful Links

  • Official website has a quick high-level overview of ClickHouse on the main page.
  • ClickHouse Cloud ClickHouse as a service, built by the creators and maintainers.
  • Tutorial shows how to set up and query a small ClickHouse cluster.
  • Documentation provides more in-depth information.
  • YouTube channel has a lot of content about ClickHouse in video format.
  • Slack and Telegram allow chatting with ClickHouse users in real-time.
  • Blog contains various ClickHouse-related articles, as well as announcements and reports about events.
  • Code Browser (Woboq) with syntax highlight and navigation.
  • Code Browser ( with syntax highlight, powered by
  • Contacts can help to get your questions answered if there are any.

Upcoming Events

  • ClickHouse Meetup in Austin - Mar 30 - The first ClickHouse Meetup in Austin is happening soon! Interested in speaking, let us know!
  • v23.3 Release Webinar - Mar 30 - 23.3 is rapidly approaching. Original creator, co-founder, and CTO of ClickHouse Alexey Milovidov will walk us through the highlights of the release.

Recent Recordings

  • FOSDEM 2023: In the "Fast and Streaming Data" room Alexey gave a talk entitled "Building Analytical Apps With ClickHouse" that looks at the landscape of data tools, an interesting data set, and how you can interact with data quickly. Check out the recording on YouTube.
  • Recording available: v23.2 Release Webinar NTILE Window Function support, Partition Key for GROUP By, io_uring, Apache Iceberg support, Dynamic Disks, integrations updates! Watch it now!
  • All release webinar recordings: YouTube playlist


ClickHouse® is a free analytics DBMS for big data

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