Ant Design Mobile

Essential UI blocks for building mobile web apps.

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$ npm install --save antd-mobile
# or
$ yarn add antd-mobile
# or
$ pnpm add antd-mobile
  • Fast: It is carefully optimized for harsh scenes, without configuration, you can have the best package size and ultimate performance.
  • Customizable: Based on CSS variables, you can reliably and efficiently adjust the appearance of components or create your own themes.
  • Atomic: The function of each component, neither more nor less, is exactly what you need.
  • Fluent: With smooth gestures and delicate animation, it helps the product create the ultimate experience.

You can also play with antd-mobile just in browser with Codesandbox. No need to prepare development environment.

If you found bugs or would like to request some new features, please consider opening an issue.

If you have some question about how to use ant-mobile, you can start a discussion thread.

Thanks to all the contributors of antd-mobile:



Essential UI blocks for building mobile web apps.

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