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Zent ( \ˈzent\ ), a collection of essential UI components written with React.

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Zent ( \ˈzent\ ) is a React component library developed and used at Youzan. Zent provides a collection of essential UI components and lots of useful domain specific components.

We have more than 50 components for now and we're releasing more.

Our goal is making React development faster and simpler.


  • High quality React components
  • Builtin TypeScript support
  • Supports custom themes
  • Import JavaScript and styles only if they are used
  • Handmade icon font

Supported Environments

  • React >= 18
  • Modern browsers but not IE
  • Supports server-side rendering(SSR)

Required polyfills

  • es6.object.assign
  • es6.string.ends-with
  • es6.string.starts-with
  • es6.string.includes
  • es7.string.trim-left
  • es7.string.trim-right
  • es6.array.from
  • es6.array.of
  • es6.array.fill
  • es6.array.find
  • es6.array.find-index
  • es7.array.includes


yarn add zent

# or

npm install zent --save



Read our contributing guide to learn about our development process, how to propose bugfixes and improvements, and how to build and test your changes to Zent.

Send issues and pull requests with your ideas.


Project licensed under MIT license, feel free to enjoy and participate in Open Source.


A collection of essential UI components written with React.

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