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TDesign Vue Next is a UI component library for Vue 3 and desktop application.

🎉 Features

  • Desktop application interaction
  • High quality UI components for Vue 3.x
  • Consistent API and UI with TDesign component libraries for other frameworks
  • Dark mode and customizable theme
  • Support tree-shaking

📦 Installation

npm i tdesign-vue-next

🔨 Usage

import { createApp } from 'vue';
import { Button } from 'tdesign-vue-next';

import 'tdesign-vue-next/es/style/index.css';

import App from './app.vue';

const app = createApp(App);

The package of tdesign-vue-next provides kinds of bundles, read the documentation for the detail of differences between bundles.

Quick Start

Visit TDesign Starter to experience in the application built with TDesign Vue Next UI components.

Browser Support

IE / Edge IE / Edge FirefoxFirefox ChromeChrome SafariSafari
Edge >=84 Firefox >=83 Chrome >=84 Safari >=14.1

Read our browser compatibility for more details.

TDesign component libraries

TDesign also provides component libraries for other platforms and frameworks.


Contributing is welcome. Read guidelines for contributing before submitting your Pull Request.


The MIT License. Please see the license file for more information.


A Vue3.x UI components lib for TDesign.

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