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Spring Cloud Tencent is a open source one-stop microservice solution from Tencent.

Spring Cloud Tencent implements the Spring Cloud standard microservice SPI, so developers can quickly develop Spring Cloud cloud-native distributed applications based on Spring Cloud Tencent.

The core of Spring Cloud Tencent relies on Tencent's open-source one-stop service discovery and governance platform PolarisMesh to realize various distributed microservice scenarios.

The capabilities provided by Spring Cloud Tencent include but are not limited to:


  • Service registration and discovery
  • Dynamic configuration management
  • Service Governance
    • Service rate limit
    • Service circuit breaker
    • Service routing
    • ...
  • Label transparent transmission

Demo Environment

The example addresses under spring-cloud-tencent-example all point to the experience service address (grpc:// by default. If you only experience Spring Cloud Tencent, you can run any example directly with one click.



Use Guide

All the components of Spring Cloud Tencent have been uploaded to the Maven central repository, just need to introduce dependencies.


Support Spring Cloud 2022.0, 2021.0, 2020.0, Hoxton.

The version list of Spring Cloud Tencent can be found in Spring Cloud Tencent Version Management .

For example:

<!-- add spring-cloud-tencent bom  -->
            <!--version number-->
<!-- add spring-cloud-starter-tencent-polaris-discovery dependency  -->

Develop Guide

You can build this project with command:

## MacOS or Linux
./mvnw clean package

## Win
.\mvnw.cmd clean package


Pelease refer to Wiki

Chat Group

Please scan the QR code to join the chat group.


The spring-cloud-tencent is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License. Copyright and license information can be found in the file LICENSE

Stargazers over time

If you are interested in Spring Cloud Tencent, please follow our project, thank you very much.

Stargazers over time


Spring Cloud Tencent is a Spring Cloud based Service Governance Framework provided by Tencent.

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